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ज्योतिष विज्ञान है
'ज्योतिष संपूर्ण विज्ञान है और ज्योतिष के प्रतिपादित सिद्धांत उपाय और धारणाओं का वैज्ञानिक आधार होना चाहिए | जो बात बिना वैज्ञानिक आधार के है , तर्क की कसौटी पर खरी नहीं उतरती वह ज्योतिष न होकर ढोंग है |' Read More>>

Mr.I.J. Kapani has Exposed all the above topics in the book "SWAYAM SIDDHA".

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Mr. I J Kapani born in west Punjab (now Pakistan ) in January 1938. Read More>>

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Mrs. Babita panjyar is lecturer in Barkatullah university Bhopal and husband is in Insurance business. Sometime in 1994 she was refer to by Mr. Ashok chaturvedi who is special assistant to the chief minister of the Chhattisgarh state. After 8 years of

mrs. babita

Mr. Seth was drug inspector at Indore. Presently he is posted at Chhattisgarh. While he was posted at Dhar (a district head quarter 60 Km. away from Indore). For certain reasons the collector Dhar a criminal case registered at against him. Mr. Seth filed anticipatory bail...


Mr. J.K. Sharma is manager in district industry centre. He resides at Indore. In 1996-97 at the time of sunset for a few years his wife uses to loose the speech. Every month Rs. 2500-3000 were being spent on medicine within 3-4 days the problem was over and the couple is very happy now.

Mr. J.K. Sharma

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